Silesia is the only region of Poland which has its own unique typeface.
Silesiana typeface was created by Artur Frankowski and Henryk Sakwerda on the order of the Marshall's Office of the Silesian Voivodeship and The Silesian Castle of Art and Enterprise in Cieszyn.
The work on the typeface began in April and was finished in September 2006. Silesiana was expected to be an elegant, decorative script for special prints, such as congratulation letters, diplomas, invitations, etc., promoting the Silesian Region through employing its regional typographical traditions. In the end Silesiana was based on Chancery cursive Cancelleresca. This refers to the calligraphic tradition, however, in the original form authors wanted to evoke the spirit of blackletter. The proportions of x-height, ascenders, descenders, and the height of upper case, were all derived from the rules of golden section; similar proportions, especially the small x-height, are often found in hand written blackletter.

Silesiana is a free font. One can download it from here.

design: Artur Frankowski, Henryk Sakwerda 2006