Aleksandra Waliszewska GOLD HANDS TREMBLE
Gold Hands Tremble is a unique and long-awaited book of outstanding, contemporary painter, Aleksandra Waliszewska. The publication with selected more than one hundred and fifty works, including the latest, is accompanied with texts written by the artist's distinguished guests. Special short story inspired by the works of the artist wrote a writer, Szczepan Twardoch. Impressions on the work of Aleksandra Waliszewska shared Joan Cornella, Warren Ellis, Allison Schulnik, Wiktor Skok, David Tibet and Athina Rachel Tsangari. The book complements an interview by Maurizio Cattelan with the painter. The book Gold Hands Tremble accompanies the first solo exhibition of Aleksandra Waliszewska in Leto gallery. Aleksandra Waliszewska's exhibition will show the selection of newest artist's works. Exhibited artworks are also included in the book.

This book was awarded in the Most Beautiful Polish Books competition

Published by: Fontarte Editions
Graphic design: Magdalena Frankowska, Artur Frankowski (Fontarte)
Translated by: Jacek Staniszewski

14 × 21 cm, 200 pages
offset printing, soft cover with embossing
ISBN: 978-83-934344-6-6
language: English & Polish
edition: 800
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